Getting started with sports betting

Sports betting is getting more and more popular these days especially in U.S because of the new regulations. Sports betting is now legalized in a number of states in US so you are not bound to visit Las Vegas to play betting and trading anymore. This excites the betting lovers and that results in escalating […]

Online sports betting – tips for winning

Sports betting is one of the most famous leisure time activities all around the world. People spend billions of dollars every year to bet on their favorite sports and enjoy earning profits in return. Even people are working as professional bettors and earn their livelihood by making money betting on sports events. No matter whether […]

The EU Football Scene

Sponsorships Beer, automobile firms and betting companies have always occupied high rankings when it comes to team sponsorships but fast food and other large commercial enterprises have also joined the chase to pump millions in the most viewed football events, namely the World Cup and the Champions League. In local EU leagues, sponsorships are donned […]

Here’s a Look at the Teams Favoured to Win the EuroLeague

The EuroLeague basketball tournament is in full swing with teams from cities across Europe including Moscow, Madrid, Istanbul, Athens, Belgrade and Milan all fighting to win this year’s championship. The betting is furious with sites like seeing increased betting activity as the season progresses. The EuroLeague, is the European-wide professional basketball club tournament organized and operated by EuroLeague Basketball, […]